The only safe investment these days is in gold. It never seems to lose it’s value. The same can be said for fashion. Gold is always awesome. I like this technique, show the public your true worth. I hate to say this, but I feel like we are all thinking it, if you’re going to draw this much attention to yourself, I think your body needs to be on fire. You can have a  jacked up face though, that’s fair game. You all know the golden rule, do unto others as you’d want done unto you, I am a big believer in that when it comes to sexual relationships, that isn’t my point, what I am getting at is that I shouldn’t be so mean to this person even though she has Fort Knox on her body. You’d think the weight  of the dress would provide a good cardiovascular workout, maybe she should wear this dress again and show the difference. This is something that was very trendy earlier in 2011 and now as it becomes more affordable and accessible , it’s hitting the local scene. I think the metallic gold dress’s life-span is nearing an end, they were just causing too many dance related injuries. Imagine the chafing. I wonder if they are bullet proof. Definitely repels cupid’s arrow , that has nothing to do with the gold though. I like it . Flashion.