Flashion or Trashion?

Once a website dedicated to the fight against poor fashion choices, TheFlashion has expanded from it’s specific goal to take on all issues. As always, everything positive is Flashion and everything negative is Trashion. Flashion is synonymous with current, Flashion is happening right now and has an eye on tomorrow.

Mission Possible: 

Our goal is to bring an opinion to pressing matters as only our award winning commentary can. We all find ourselves nudging our friends with a little comment here or a snarky remark there, well this is the one space on the internet where no one is afraid to go there.

How It Works:

Everyday we will receive pictures or other submissions by our loyal viewers. The sender will say a little about their likes and dislikes with what they see, we will then post it on the site and allow TheFlashion.com community handle the rest. Through comments and sharing of links, the message will be heard. All of the personal pictures will feature blurred out faces to get away from personal attacks. All positive aspects are deemed Flashion and all negative are Trashion.

Everything can be sent to Chief@theflashion.com