If you wanted to be a good fan, you’d take that shirt off and just wear body paint. This just looks silly, it’s like she is trying to insult the team and not support them. There is a reason she is all alone in this picture. Yikes. The pint of beer and the white shorts are kind of hypnotizing, for as silly as the boots and socks are, I bet she gets a ton of attention. She looks down to clown and sometimes that is more enticing then any runway look. It’s a good situation for a guy too, if you wake up next to her, you can steal that shirt for the walk home and get some revenge against the gender that took all of your high school varsity hockey sweatshirts. Something that has bugged me since my youth, is sweatshirts with shorts, it is like jumbo shrimp or pretty ugly. Makes no sense. If it is warm enough for shorts, it’s warm enough for short sleeves. If it’s cold enough for the sweatshirt , the high socks and the boots, it’s safe to say she is slutty for wearing those shorts and it’s probably before labor day so the white is going to make other ladies angry. Fortunately, if you’re a female giants fan, you’re trash anyway and are already subjected to ridicule daily. For the t-shirt alone she is Trashion.