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Okay, this is a reader submission from a while ago that never really found a place. I think the tattoos are what is in question. It’s not our place to comment on tattoos and their acceptance in society, everyone can do what they wish. I think we are allowed to comment on the tattoo and the message it sends. If you look carefully, you’ll notice , she has two anchors above her knees. An anchor is traditionally used as a way to keep a boat in one place. So this girl has anchors above her knees, which means when she drops the anchor, she is on her knees. Is that really something you want to cross someone’s mind? I am sure guys really love it, notice the word guys and not boyfriend or husband. In the end though, it is very detailed and quite a beautiful work of art, not to mention it is better to give than to receive. Flashion.


It’s a simple rule and everyone should follow it. Never leave the house looking like you’re about to compete in the Olympics, unless you’re about to compete in the Olympics. With that said, if you’re going to break the rule, at least look like a gold medalist and not a person just happy to be there. It needs more sequins and lace. Maybe a male partner who has a matching Tarzan style top. The pose is good though, she definitely had some training incase she got bronze. The sock tan on her feet might cost her some points, but she can make up for it by nailing the landing. At first, this was terrible, after careful dissection, she might place. Flashion.

We are so excited about this picture. It is thought to be the first prostitute on TheFlashion. Look at her, she is either in front of a hotel room or a restaurant bathroom, both places where ladies of the night would call their office. I wish whoever sent this in, also sent in her rates, we would be happy to advertise for her. She knows the market though, she is advertising her services pretty clearly and everything looks very accessible. In this economy, it’s nice to see someone still taking a risk with their small business. Her only real expense is hand sanitizer. Obviously the outfit is slutty, but hey it’s a uniform, we wouldn’t tease a fireman for his safety suit. This girl is Flashion, in more ways than one. Get it girl .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Go eat a ton of turkey, get real fat, and wear yoga pants. You’ll be on The Flashion by Christmas.

Winter Flashion it’s a bit cold…. But go on! 😉

Winter is fast approaching *YAY!* I know you may think I’m crazy but I’m English and female so there’s two reasons why. But seriously I love winter; I love all the tights, jumper dresses, hats and scarfs etc. For me, fashion is at its finest in winter because it’s more challenging as it’s about keeping warm * not in a nana knitting you yellow fluffy jumpers 2 sizes bigger way * and looking good!
Talking of Nan’s… mine finally dragged me around town to buy me some key pieces for my winter wardrobe, she claimed it was for my Christmas presents but I know she’s ashamed of me really. It’s coming to something when your 64 year old Nan starts becoming ashamed of you. OK so I may have had my coat and favourite pair of jeans for 3 seasons now, but what ever happened to old classics? Seriously watch your back LBD, it will be you next!
Talking of classics, I have mine for every winter:
A Mac coat aka a Macintosh invented in 1824 by a man called Charles Mackintosh from Scotland. A real mac should be made from a rubber laminated fabric which means they are waterproof. But like many classics, they do change, and get re-designed but the general cut of a mac will always be the same. This was one of my ‘must have’ buys and £30.00 later a beige beauty was bought…
A black bag is a must for winter and a must if you’re a busy chick like me! No time to change your bag from work to going out? No need to worry, because black is very versatile and goes with nearly everything and anything. I like my black bags with a little uniqueness. I chose a soft leather look, with silver chains to spice it up!
A pair of boots, now, you can never go wrong with these bad boys. Perfect for snow, slush, rain and wind and they come in time after time. This year in the UK the horse riding fashions have influenced our trends immensely. And if you’ve never seen horse riding boots, they usually come up to the mid-calf or knee and have a buckle around the top. Again for me, these are classics, as they’re versatile and can be mixed with tights, skinnies, skirts and dresses for a casual look.
And so a day later I left my Nan’s purse a little lighter and I left a lot warmer. Thanks Nan! X
So next time I’m stuck in the rain waiting for the train, I’ll have my classics wrapped around me providing me with some comfort until 3 seasons later and they’re screaming to get away from me, by that time it will be my birthday and my Nan will claim she has to buy me a present.
A present of pity perhaps?


So much to love in this picture. The fact it is taken from inside of a car to verify it’s authenticity for starters. Add in the old man with the salt and pepper James Brown haircut. Sprinkle in some angry lady with a fur coat. Now, the finishing touch, it’s all at a bus stop in front of a fried chicken joint. Now that’s marketing. Love it. Flashion.


P.S. You know this photographer locked the doors when he/she rolled by.

Yeah, the outfits are ghastly. That’s not why we are here. The pose is really what captures your attention first, right? It’s a man pose. The girl in the middle is posing like a man. Her arms are pretty buff too. Having an ambiguous gender is very trendy. This brings up a point that is often lost in fashion magazines. Your personality and inner essence has to be bigger than the clothes you wear. Don’t let the clothes wear you. When you hide behind vibrant prints or designer labels, you’re not being hip, you’re being a dip. Be like this guy, and wear a crazy dress,but dominate it. Flashion.

Breaking news:

One of our main offices is located in South Florida so this story hits close to home. The Miami Marlins, formerly the Florida Marlins, have officially changed their color scheme and logo. Before the team’s colors were this teal/green/aqua bullshit and black. In the early 1990’s when the team came to be, those colors were pretty bad-ass. Just as we have expressed time and time again, one day you’re Flashion, the next day you’re Trashion. Teal never really made it’s impact in the new millennium. Maybe it’s the abrasive nature of bright colors or the subtle feminism of the shade, whatever the reason, it was time to update. The Miami Marlins will have a new stadium, hopefully new players ,and absolutely new uniforms. Now they are appealing to the tropical climate of Florida and finally capturing the soul of South Florida culture. In the end, winning solves everything, you can wear any color shirt you want, but if you’re losing the game, no one thinks you look good. The effort is noted and it is a clear improvement in terms of concept. Will it make the team good? No. Will it make them Flashion? Aye, there’s the rub.



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Just as the craze for beauty products like Olay is all rampant, fashion accessories are highly popular with people who wish to be the fashion divas – the real head turners. Belts are one of the most popular fashion accessories that can change your entire look.


Leather belts are still known to be in demand, irrespective of the different styles that are introduced on a daily basis. Today, you have a huge selection of belts that come in various forms like normal leather belts, biker belts, women fashionable designer belts and so on. If you are interested in keeping up with the fashion trend and looking for some tips of the modern day belts, below are the most contemporary belt styles that are stealing the attention of fashion enthusiatsts nowadays:


  • BRAIDED BELTS: One of the most attractive item of fashion accessory is the braided belts that actually brings out the texture and profile to all items of clothing. You can get braided belts for men, women and even children that would match any type of attire.


  • RED BELTS: Red belt as the name implies are belts having the red color, which actually brings out the features of the waist when worn with matching colors like white, black and other attractive colors where the reddish would glow out. You can easily find that with belts gaining popularity it is elegant and smart to have the red belt that features additional elements like buckle straps, chain insets, studs and other attractive designs.


  • SASH BELTS: Sash belts are the ideal item of fashion accessory where you can bring flair to any dull dress. When this item is wrapped around a waist, it not only flaunts the material and designs it is made up from but also creates a statement of the figure. To make an attractive statement the sash belt should be three inches in width and have an eye-catching design.


  • GOLD METALLIC BELTS: With belts making a fashion statement in the market the gold metallic belts have slowly gained popularity where they have been found to present picture perfect style and taste.  These belts look elegant, smart and classy around the waist especially against dark colored attire. These days the gold metallic belts come in a thin and skinny look, which suit individuals throughout the year. For you are not into a fully loaded gold belt then any other leather belt with gold studs, sequins, beads and rivets would make an ideal accessory around the waist.


What ever your style of dressing is a belt will surely add the extra flavor into the attire making you standout among the rest looking fashionable and admirable in the eyes of others.


Brenda Lyttle is a fashion and beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on latest clothing trends, accessories, nail care, and beauty products related topics.


New Blog I want you all to check out. It’s a guy with a fresh take. There might be some adult material, but it’s authentic and worth a click.


Here is a sample:

Everyone claims that, “They don’t care.” Well you know what, I do care. We may not, but I most certainly do. In fact, we don’t care, we can have a party just the two of us. I will always care. How could I not? I am an emotional being. We should definitely party. Emotions are a natural aspect of living life in the bubble called “Earth”. This is the party. Welcome to existence. Nature will be the background, you have the whole sphere to roam, and if you need anything, well…figure it out on your own. You know why? Cuz we don’t care. I wish we cared. I care. How much though? Maybe a little? Maybe a lot? I’m not sure. It all sinks in a few days after the fact when you’re hanging out alone at 11:38 on a Tuesday night thinking about the universe and all it’s light. This is the episodic hamstring to the leg of life, that connects to the quad of reality, bearing the fruits we enjoy on a bi-weekly basis. The sun will come out. The moon will shine bright. You can’t control it. We don’t care.