This guy refuses to play for second place, all he understands is championship. When he leaves his mom’s basement to go out for the night, she is all like ,”you’re really going to wear that shirt” , so he does the smartest move ever and to take away the attention from the shirt, he throws on a hat from his grandpa’s vacation wardrobe. He looks so relaxed and leisurely. Why isn’t he surrounded by women? This is one book you have to judge by it’s cover. Look at that beard, there is no way he goes home alone, it’s really just a question if he wants to stop at IHOP before hand. We always talk about personal style, and I think this embodies exactly what it takes to be a Flashion person. A lot of the articles of clothing would not be able to stand alone, the shirt, the hat, the cargo shorts, but for some reason when you add 3 terrible things they equal 1 great sum. You always hear people moan and groan about Lady Gaga and her hats or the English people wearing hats at formal events, well if they could just steal a little style from this man , those groans would become applause. I need a cold shower. Flashion.

P.S. Hat day sucked and we are already getting emails from people claiming it’s them in the picture and wanting it down. So far, not one person has been correct about their claim that the picture is of them. That’s Trashion.