I can see how you could dress this poorly if all your buddies dress this poorly. Someone invite a stylish friend out, you might learn something. Gross. Trashion.


This type of thing drives us bonkers. If you’re really going to squeeze into something and force the funk on a nasty dunk , at least pick something that is awesome looking. Nothing about this is visually pleasing. It’s literarily altering the atoms that make up that skirt. It is ready to explode. When you wear something tight, do the shadow test, if your shadow looks frumpy, it’s because you’re too bumpy. You can’t rely on mirrors because of the lighting, you need to see your silhouette. I feel bad, I think this girth crept up on this girl, no one in retail would let her try this on and buy it, even if the sale involves commission. Trashion.

P.S.  Whoever sent this in is cold blooded.

This guy(?) thought that black Friday meant to look at yourself in the mirror with the lights off. What a crazy looking person.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Go eat a ton of turkey, get real fat, and wear yoga pants. You’ll be on The Flashion by Christmas.

Winter Flashion it’s a bit cold…. But go on! 😉

Winter is fast approaching *YAY!* I know you may think I’m crazy but I’m English and female so there’s two reasons why. But seriously I love winter; I love all the tights, jumper dresses, hats and scarfs etc. For me, fashion is at its finest in winter because it’s more challenging as it’s about keeping warm * not in a nana knitting you yellow fluffy jumpers 2 sizes bigger way * and looking good!
Talking of Nan’s… mine finally dragged me around town to buy me some key pieces for my winter wardrobe, she claimed it was for my Christmas presents but I know she’s ashamed of me really. It’s coming to something when your 64 year old Nan starts becoming ashamed of you. OK so I may have had my coat and favourite pair of jeans for 3 seasons now, but what ever happened to old classics? Seriously watch your back LBD, it will be you next!
Talking of classics, I have mine for every winter:
A Mac coat aka a Macintosh invented in 1824 by a man called Charles Mackintosh from Scotland. A real mac should be made from a rubber laminated fabric which means they are waterproof. But like many classics, they do change, and get re-designed but the general cut of a mac will always be the same. This was one of my ‘must have’ buys and £30.00 later a beige beauty was bought…
A black bag is a must for winter and a must if you’re a busy chick like me! No time to change your bag from work to going out? No need to worry, because black is very versatile and goes with nearly everything and anything. I like my black bags with a little uniqueness. I chose a soft leather look, with silver chains to spice it up!
A pair of boots, now, you can never go wrong with these bad boys. Perfect for snow, slush, rain and wind and they come in time after time. This year in the UK the horse riding fashions have influenced our trends immensely. And if you’ve never seen horse riding boots, they usually come up to the mid-calf or knee and have a buckle around the top. Again for me, these are classics, as they’re versatile and can be mixed with tights, skinnies, skirts and dresses for a casual look.
And so a day later I left my Nan’s purse a little lighter and I left a lot warmer. Thanks Nan! X
So next time I’m stuck in the rain waiting for the train, I’ll have my classics wrapped around me providing me with some comfort until 3 seasons later and they’re screaming to get away from me, by that time it will be my birthday and my Nan will claim she has to buy me a present.
A present of pity perhaps?


So much to love in this picture. The fact it is taken from inside of a car to verify it’s authenticity for starters. Add in the old man with the salt and pepper James Brown haircut. Sprinkle in some angry lady with a fur coat. Now, the finishing touch, it’s all at a bus stop in front of a fried chicken joint. Now that’s marketing. Love it. Flashion.


P.S. You know this photographer locked the doors when he/she rolled by.

Not even a Halloween costume. This is real life. It’s one thing to be a nascar fan, but this is just silly. The only thing she probably knows about cars is the back seat. Racecar is spelled the same forward and backward, that’s a palindrome. This girl is the same forward and backward, gross. Eventually, as a society we need to move past being sluts, and start allowing ourselves to be more than flesh. You want to grab, his stick shift and hit the gas, that’s great, how about getting his attention with your mind. Men like a little mystery, if they see exactly what they are getting, they are never going to respect it for being anything more. Girl, stop looking for the checkered flag, and throw in the white one. This race is over, you crashed. Trashion.

Yeah, the outfits are ghastly. That’s not why we are here. The pose is really what captures your attention first, right? It’s a man pose. The girl in the middle is posing like a man. Her arms are pretty buff too. Having an ambiguous gender is very trendy. This brings up a point that is often lost in fashion magazines. Your personality and inner essence has to be bigger than the clothes you wear. Don’t let the clothes wear you. When you hide behind vibrant prints or designer labels, you’re not being hip, you’re being a dip. Be like this guy, and wear a crazy dress,but dominate it. Flashion.

Baby baby baby, you got it all wrong. The belt is not supposed to be worn up there. Mistake city. It’s pretty obvious why you’re wearing it that high up on your torso, it’s because it’s a child’s belt that is not long enough to wrap around your waist. If this was truly the trend, then saggy boobed older women would be at every bingo table with a belt under their tits. Traditionally, belts are used to keep loose pants up, these pants look so tight that they might be painted on. The shirt is hideous anyway. Maybe instead of a small,little belt, she should have covered up the whole thing with a poncho. Look at the background, notice the trash bags, at least she is with her family. Trashion.

Breaking news:

One of our main offices is located in South Florida so this story hits close to home. The Miami Marlins, formerly the Florida Marlins, have officially changed their color scheme and logo. Before the team’s colors were this teal/green/aqua bullshit and black. In the early 1990’s when the team came to be, those colors were pretty bad-ass. Just as we have expressed time and time again, one day you’re Flashion, the next day you’re Trashion. Teal never really made it’s impact in the new millennium. Maybe it’s the abrasive nature of bright colors or the subtle feminism of the shade, whatever the reason, it was time to update. The Miami Marlins will have a new stadium, hopefully new players ,and absolutely new uniforms. Now they are appealing to the tropical climate of Florida and finally capturing the soul of South Florida culture. In the end, winning solves everything, you can wear any color shirt you want, but if you’re losing the game, no one thinks you look good. The effort is noted and it is a clear improvement in terms of concept. Will it make the team good? No. Will it make them Flashion? Aye, there’s the rub.