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As you may have read in the paper, as of January 1st 2012, The Flashion has merged with a larger company. Over the next few weeks things will begin to take shape and your favorite website will return soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and we are excited for the things to come.


Enjoy whatever you celebrate! Vacation time.

What in tar-nation?. Even if he was unaware of the bubonic plague all over his body, someone still could’ve snapped the photograph and deleted it upon noticing the rash. I wanted to edit out his Star of David ,because he is representing his religion poorly. I have seen non hairy jews, yeah it’s like finding big-foot, but they are out there. I don’t care how much you love the person, it’s your duty to tell them that they need to put a shirt on, because they might be contagious. It’s just bad for business to be seen like this, it’s one thing to be hairy, another to be pale, but to be both and suffering from skin grossness, too much for me buddy. My advice, put a shirt on, go to the dermatologist, hell you’re probably related to one, and get it all taken care of. We will be happy to revaluate you when things are cleared up. Until then, uncategorized.

This is a lady. Flashion or Trashion? You decide,I am too scared to say anything.

Our monthly statistics have been analyzed, and we are confident in the new game plan. For now on, we will save all of our submissions for the weekend, giving you the entire week to look through them at your own leisure. Between the late night google searches that lead you to us or the 2 in the morning comments asking if you can violate a young lady featured, it’s pretty obvious, you like to do things on your time, we can respect that, and we will respect that. Let’s make a memory.

We at are taking our annual summer break. It’s good timing too because lately things have been lame around here. Hopefully when we return, we will have a new spokesperson and a group of interns to freshen up the funk. I guess we will twitter some updates and any silly happenings. August 22nd it’s going down for real. Stay tuned. We wouldn’t leave you behind enemy lines so close to the first day of school. You can reach us on twitter @Theflashion, the icon at the bottom provides a shortcut. Or email, Message Us using the icon at the top if that’s easier. See you real soon, hopefully your picture wont be on here.

If you wanted to be a good fan, you’d take that shirt off and just wear body paint. This just looks silly, it’s like she is trying to insult the team and not support them. There is a reason she is all alone in this picture. Yikes. The pint of beer and the white shorts are kind of hypnotizing, for as silly as the boots and socks are, I bet she gets a ton of attention. She looks down to clown and sometimes that is more enticing then any runway look. It’s a good situation for a guy too, if you wake up next to her, you can steal that shirt for the walk home and get some revenge against the gender that took all of your high school varsity hockey sweatshirts. Something that has bugged me since my youth, is sweatshirts with shorts, it is like jumbo shrimp or pretty ugly. Makes no sense. If it is warm enough for shorts, it’s warm enough for short sleeves. If it’s cold enough for the sweatshirt , the high socks and the boots, it’s safe to say she is slutty for wearing those shorts and it’s probably before labor day so the white is going to make other ladies angry. Fortunately, if you’re a female giants fan, you’re trash anyway and are already subjected to ridicule daily. For the t-shirt alone she is Trashion.

To make sure we are all on the same page. Over 1,000 people have found The Flashion by searching for a picture of the girl from Captain America. We have gotten several e-mails asking if feathers in the hair are hot. Also, people asking about cowgirl boots. Even if wearing lacrosse shirts are cool. All in all, it’s clear, if you’re finding out about something today, we knew about it last week. So keep reading You might learn something. Follow us on twitter @Theflashion or email us Send us a message using the top feature. Or just keep reading and not participate, all viable options.

It’s going to be good. We have some great stuff. Today was not working for some reason. No one could get on track. Tomorrow’s entries reminded me why I do what I do. So please, come back.

Is this cool?

 let me know, twitter me , bottom button for easy access, message me at the top or hit me on  all deadly.

All-time record in visitors was achieved today. Also a record amount of submissions. It’s safe to conclude that two go hand in hand. Good work Flashion nation. Send anything you want to or @TheFlashion on the twitter. Pass this site along to your friends, otherwise they are going to continue to be trashion.