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Just as the craze for beauty products like Olay is all rampant, fashion accessories are highly popular with people who wish to be the fashion divas – the real head turners. Belts are one of the most popular fashion accessories that can change your entire look.


Leather belts are still known to be in demand, irrespective of the different styles that are introduced on a daily basis. Today, you have a huge selection of belts that come in various forms like normal leather belts, biker belts, women fashionable designer belts and so on. If you are interested in keeping up with the fashion trend and looking for some tips of the modern day belts, below are the most contemporary belt styles that are stealing the attention of fashion enthusiatsts nowadays:


  • BRAIDED BELTS: One of the most attractive item of fashion accessory is the braided belts that actually brings out the texture and profile to all items of clothing. You can get braided belts for men, women and even children that would match any type of attire.


  • RED BELTS: Red belt as the name implies are belts having the red color, which actually brings out the features of the waist when worn with matching colors like white, black and other attractive colors where the reddish would glow out. You can easily find that with belts gaining popularity it is elegant and smart to have the red belt that features additional elements like buckle straps, chain insets, studs and other attractive designs.


  • SASH BELTS: Sash belts are the ideal item of fashion accessory where you can bring flair to any dull dress. When this item is wrapped around a waist, it not only flaunts the material and designs it is made up from but also creates a statement of the figure. To make an attractive statement the sash belt should be three inches in width and have an eye-catching design.


  • GOLD METALLIC BELTS: With belts making a fashion statement in the market the gold metallic belts have slowly gained popularity where they have been found to present picture perfect style and taste.  These belts look elegant, smart and classy around the waist especially against dark colored attire. These days the gold metallic belts come in a thin and skinny look, which suit individuals throughout the year. For you are not into a fully loaded gold belt then any other leather belt with gold studs, sequins, beads and rivets would make an ideal accessory around the waist.


What ever your style of dressing is a belt will surely add the extra flavor into the attire making you standout among the rest looking fashionable and admirable in the eyes of others.


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