New Blog I want you all to check out. It’s a guy with a fresh take. There might be some adult material, but it’s authentic and worth a click.


Here is a sample:

We Don’t Care (But we kinda do)
Everyone claims that, “They don’t care.” Well you know what, I do care. We may not, but I most certainly do. In fact, we don’t care, we can have a party just the two of us. I will always care. How could I not? I am an emotional being. We should definitely party. Emotions are a natural aspect of living life in the bubble called “Earth”. This is the party. Welcome to existence. Nature will be the background, you have the whole sphere to roam, and if you need anything, well…figure it out on your own. You know why? Cuz we don’t care. I wish we cared. I care. How much though? Maybe a little? Maybe a lot? I’m not sure. It all sinks in a few days after the fact when you’re hanging out alone at 11:38 on a Tuesday night thinking about the universe and all it’s light. This is the episodic hamstring to the leg of life, that connects to the quad of reality, bearing the fruits we enjoy on a bi-weekly basis. The sun will come out. The moon will shine bright. You can’t control it. We don’t care.