In my lifetime, I have seen two similar movies, one called “The Mask” and the other “Mask”. Both movies featured a face that was altered in some way. In the first case, it was a green mask that brought out the eccentric qualities of the host. In the second instance, it was a birth defect that caused the person to look like they were wearing a mask. The former being a neon green form fitting face, and the latter a long rock hard deformation. Still, I would take either of those situations instead of this young lady. It is possible to look better with a mask on and I think this is a perfect example. Just nothing sexy about any of this. I think what really makes none of this work is that it is so obvious that this girl thinks she is hot stuff. Nothing about her is awesome. Those wings could never support her either. The wonder of flight is an amazing concept that sometimes defies logic, but this is no mystery, she would be nose diving. Overall, terrible costume. A mask is supposed to be mysterious and intriguing, I do not want to know any more information about this person. Trashion.


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