It’s Halloween again. We here at The Flashion would like to share some costumes that are going to be all over the place. We would also like to share costume tips from people who know what they’re talking about. First, we have these girls wearing fur things. People in colder climates wear these fur things casually. They are a lot of fun, but show how small town,country bumpkin, big fish little pond some people can be. If the costume was supposed to be an Olsen Twin or Vanessa Hudgins, then I’d say Brava. It’s not though, it’s a bunch of townies afraid to take a risk so they save their stuff for a costume holiday. Stay away from decisions like this, have some fun, don’t be so cerebral. The dresses don’t fit anyway. Trashion.

P.S. I didn’t hide their faces,because I am willing to bet no one in that town owns a computer.