I am glad someone sent this in. It’s a girl wearing a football jersey riding a mechanical bull. Is there anything more American? Not just any jersey, but an Eli Manning, New York Giants uniform, probably the worst shirt any fan can purchase. How perverted are the guys who operate the mechanical bull? They always have it move in ways that make the girls flop around. I want this picture to educate as many people as possible. If you’re into riding mechanical bulls, that’s cool, but realize if you’re not dressed appropriately for it, you’re not going to be treated like a lady. This girl was smart enough to wear shorts with a real shirt and not a skirt with a halter top. There is a actually a conversion chart for these type of scenarios, the amount of time a girl rides a mechanical  bull before giving a free flesh show is the amount of time a guy will spend trying to get to know her before letting his hands do the talking. It sounds silly, but it’s true, guys aren’t cheering for the girl on the bull to have a fun time, they are cheering because they just realized dessert is served. This girl is wearing a football jersey,which will be good for conversation starters and she rode the mechanical bull, someone wants all the attention. Yikes. She is Flashion for not being a slut, but Trashion for being needy.  I think her face is hidden well enough, this post will be popular because it’s a girl riding and freaks google that all night.