I just had a spiritual awakening. I had the research department google what Mazel Tov means, because I thought it meant congratulations,but then I felt it was silly for two words to equal one word. Some people use it to mean good luck too, then this page pops up about Jewish people not believing in luck. I don’t know if I believe in luck, but I feel like that must mean everything is predetermined, and I don’t believe in that either. There was this t-shirt at a store that I really wanted, unfortunately it was only in anorexic sizes, so I had to settle for a different style. Did I have bad luck or did a higher being want me to look like shit? I wish I never saw this picture, I’d go talk to a priest for some guidance, but I am not in the mood to be touched.

Okay, on to the stuff that matters. This shirt is interesting, it’s trying to make a statement and be bold. Definitely worn by a girl who likes the attention. If Mazel Tov means good luck then I love the shirt. Real ironic, like good luck trying to get me. If Mazel Tov means congratulations then I hope this picture was taken at a Jewish wedding or a Bris. I’m not familiar on Bris dress code or if you capitalize that word ,so bare with me. I feel bad for the company that manufactures this shirt,because it’s already dealing with a small demographic , and on top of that, only one person in a group of friends can wear it due to how memorable it is. If you’re the second person in the Mazel Tov Bitches shirt, you’ll be the laughing stock at all the Bar Mitzvahs. For making us think, let’s give it a Flashion. Normally we don’t mix church and state, although this is temple and website.