It’s pretty obvious why Wiz Khalifa didn’t make a song called teal and orange. We received several hundred e-mails in regards to the Miami Dolphins not being mentioned for worst uniforms. To be honest, the teal and orange is fine, it’s unique and fits the tropical climate of Miami. Do the colors cause your bowels to unload in fear? Of course not, that would be an over-reaction anyway. The Dolphins are an interesting team, they once had a perfect season, and sort of live off that accolade ever since. Every uniform looks ugly when you’re not winning. If the Patriots had these colors, all of the sudden they would be the best. The biggest accomplishment for the Dolphins was Ace Ventura. Miami isn’t a sports city anyway, everyone there is from somewhere else. They say in Florida the further south you go, the more north you are. Let the Dolphins wear their colors, they don’t judge you transplants who wear Hawaiian shirts all around the city. The Dolphins are Flashion, I could complain about them some more,but I don’t see the porpoise.