Imagine the think tank discussion on this uniform design. What should we match with blue? I got it, blue! Brilliant work. Too much blue is giving me the blues. You wear this uniform out in public, you’ll get no attention and be left with blue balls. Try black and blue, I know traditionally it doesn’t match, but the marketing writes itself. You’ll know the Titans came to town by the amount of black and blues. Nailed it. The issue is that this team plays in Nashville and not Memphis. Elvis wore blue suede shoes in Memphis so the color would have more meaning to it. Nashville is the deep south , if they wanted to represent the local flavor, they would make all the collars red to symbolize the red necks. On the real tip, how many people even knew this team existed? They have one of the most exciting players in football and you never see fans wearing his jersey outside of Tennessee and I promise it’s because the colors aren’t captivating enough. Trashion.