Another purple uniform. This design infuses more black and less vibrant colors than the Vikings, but still has that bottom of the barrel feel. It’s a newer team, so there could actually be some truth to that. Maybe this was one of the only combinations remaining. A lot of teams want a unique color scheme for marketing purposes. Green and Yellow are always going to be synonymous with the Packers. Purple , Black and Puke are always going to go hand in hand with the Ravens. This team has tried to wear all black uniforms from time to time, and I think the fans have responded positively, for some reason, the purple keeps coming back. Keep in the mind, this is the same team named after an Edgar Allen Poe literary work, so they are big time out of the box thinkers. Colors have not hurt the performance of the players, the Ravens are always a solid team, so don’t judge a book or large sweaty men by their cover. Winning is always Flashion.