We had a request weeks ago to do football uniform analysis. I am sorry it took so long. In our opinion, the worst uniforms in professional football always involve the color purple. In the NBA, the Lakers have iconic purple uniforms, so it’s probably more the use then the color itself. Once upon a time, purple was the color for royalty and prestige. Somewhere over the course of time, purple became the color that you chose after you realize all the other colors have been picked. Purple doesn’t really embody the spirit of a viking. After all, vikings are the same people who notoriously raped and pillaged violently for years. Bright purple pants lack that intimidation factor, you would be tempted to test your luck. You’re a quarterback in the NFL who finally got the opportunity to play due to the starter getting injured. Your first game is against the Vikings. You have almost no aptitude for the position and a spaghetti arm, but you look across and see these uniforms, all of the sudden you have a new confidence. A swagger. It’s like picturing the audience in their underwear when you do a presentation. Viking uniforms are Trashion.