Obviously this uniform isn’t hideous. It’s a simple concept, deep green and black. That seems to be the Y2K formula. Pick a color and add black, boom. These are essentially Eagle jerseys with a different helmet. Yeah, the green may be a different shade, but it’s close enough that you wouldn’t have to get a new do-rag if you went from one team to the other in a trade. Also, this team is missing out on a great opportunity to add leopard print , or jaguar print to their uniform. Women love that stuff as we have been pointing out for years. The fan base could wear their fan apparel to the game and then not have to get changed to hit the clubs. Maybe there is a bigger problem, like can anyone point to Jacksonville on a map, I mean really point it out, not just the state or region it’s in. Sounds like the team was doomed from the start. Garbage teams are always Trashion. Side not, this uniform has actually been upgraded from a previous design and is considered better looking. Imagine that.