Obviously you could make the argument that we bully every time we post another hideous outfit and you’d probably be correct. It’s important to remember that this site makes a real effort at not insulting a specific person. Our goal has always been to help people with their fashion, any judgement or claim we make is based solely on what is being worn and not the character of the person wearing it. Recently, it has come our attention that bullying is very real. At first, we all thought it was much to do about nothing and that kids were too sensitive. After careful review, we are extremely confident that with all the new ways of communicating, bullying has become relentless. So this week we would like to be dedicated to the prevention of bullying, whether it’s online or in person, we would like everyone to do all they can do to help. When it really comes down to it, we could find a reason to make fun of anyone, the point is that no one is perfect and everyone should be treated with the same respect. If you know someone who is being bullied, or you’re being bullied, or you know bullies, please visit the following websites and let’s do all we can to help. Bullies are always going to be Trashion.