If you’re not lion then you’re definitely a cheetah. That’s what I would say to the person who made this photograph, It’d be met with a good laugh, it’s a clever word play, but then I would demand to be taken seriously. I wish I had this type of talent to catalyst a hoax, imagine the kids out there who are sleeping a little better knowing Timon and Pumba were actually friends. Too many animated movies are destroyed by comic relief sidekick types. I never was into it, like at recess when you would play Lion King and each kid picks a character, it would be a fist fight for Timon and Pumba, Their jokes weren’t even that funny and they ate worms. Weird thing about that whole movie is that the kid from Home Improvement was the speaking voice of young Simba and the brother from Smart Guy was the singing voice. Back on track here, who even has the time to do things like this? I was blown away when this was sent my way and I desperately wanted it to be real, then I found out warthogs will eat almost anything including meerkats. Then an intern told me that she could make 101 dalmatians look like they were having sex with the fox and the hound while Aladdin touched himself watching. People are crazy, still a silly picture. Flashion.