Hottest chick in the game. It’s an accurate statement. With that much blubber to insulate her, she is going to run a little hot. Is that her weight above her? Glad to see sidekicks are still cool too. If it wasn’t for the shirt distinguishing a gender, I’d truly have no clue if this person pees sitting or not. I’d like to take a stab at what game she is referring to, sumo wrestling or competitive eating. Confession time, I have always really wanted to feel someone like this, is it solid  or squishy? Is this like the female equivalent of an offensive linemen or the equivalent of a bowl of pudding turned into a living being. The human body is a beautiful thing, usually in fashion we are beat over the head with people who have bodies sculpted from marble, but it’s not realistic, that’s what we try to stay away from here, we bring real people. This my friends is a real person, this is what is really going on out there. Despite all the trans fat free items and diet soft drinks, people are going from fighter jets to blimps. It’s time for designers to wake up and start catering ( no pun intended) to the people going to the buffet line for second helpings. Confidence is sexy, she is Flashion.