I guess this material really can withstand anything. Spandex shirts are made popular by athletes, and for good reason, they tend to look pretty good in tight shirts unlike what we have here. I don’t feel bad for making fun of this person,because this isn’t an ordinary shirt, it isn’t like he is a chubby guy wearing normal clothing. You put yourself in this position, you deserve everything thrown in your direction. I can see the difference between the waist and the belly button area, we are talking about an inch drop off.  I mean, is using a mirror really that difficult, like he could wear this on Saturday Night Live and it would get more laughs then a lot of the other skits. Chris Farley made a living off of this routine. Why does he even own this shirt? These are for athletic performance, this person has never performed as an athlete judging by that body.  Who bought this for him? Parents need to start waking up, it’s okay to have a kid who isn’t good at sports, how about making them a well adjusted , self-aware person who doesn’t wear spandex around because they use their shadow to determine if their body is rocking. Trashion. XL Trashion. Tight shirts like this that are meant for sports shouldn’t even be worn outside of the gym anyway, even if he was a twig, he would still be out of place if he wasn’t lifting weights or injecting his ass with a needle.