If Weird Al made t-shirts, this would be one of them. It looks like a beer label, but it is just a stupid tourist shirt. Seriously, who buys this crap. In my next life, I am coming back as a person who runs a gift shop, despite defying all logic, people love buying absolute crap. Whenever you help your buddy move, their closet is always loaded with shirts, sweatshirts, keychains, and pajamas from different cities across the world. So this person had to take things to the next level, a simple city name wasn’t enough, they had to incorporate drinking. Oh cool, you drank beer on your vacation , you like to have a good time, thanks for telling me via t-shirt. Young adults spend more time talking about drinking then they do drinking, which is good,because it reduces the amount of dumb shit that happens when people drink, but it sucks because you still have to listen to it. You did 14 jello shots? O-M-G. Maybe, I am desensitized because I have HBO, but I am just not impressed or surprised by much anymore, it takes a lot more then an embellished drinking story to get me to really start paying attention. If a story can’t win me over, then a t-shirt can’t either. I’ll call this Flashion,he is going to need some help getting laid, anyone who thinks this is a cool look around campus needs help getting laid.