What a statement. Way to make a difference. In my day, if you wore a shirt with a gun on it to school, you had to flip the t-shirt inside out. Now, people are so messed up and there are such bigger issues, you can probably wear shirts that say the c word. I don’t really like this shirt, by the time I really process what I am seeing, the impact is really lost. I am not even completely sure that the message is a positive one. This might be some anarchist shirt that is against civilization. The precedent had been set long ago on here, we aren’t into shirts that have guns. I have heard people say that if it disturbs you, then it is art, but sometimes art just isn’t necessary. Sometimes its okay to play it safe. Wait a second, is this a guns n’ roses t-shirt, man, I feel stupid. That was a close call. Love paradise city. Flashion.