A shirt like this is one of the most puzzling things on Earth. It is a t-shirt with simple cursive writing and just the brand name written out, no slogan or clever caption. Yet this shirt is treated as if it is special. For whatever reason, a red shirt becomes something nice enough to be married in once a brand name or a logo is apparent. I’m cool with that, I like the idea of being able to charge more for a shirt because it has a brand name on it, it’s good advertising too. What I am not into is that this guy would publicize that he goes to a second tier mall store. One could even make the argument it is third tier, depending on your mall and how snobby the kids are at your school. If you’re going to be this blatant with where you shop, at least make it a place that holds a little prestige, and don’t think that this is how to say you’re not a yuppy. This is such a wannabe move, if you really don’t care about labels and what you wear , then this store is the last place you would be, you would be in a department store buying everything from one of those celebrity inspired collections. This is exactly how to be Trashion, I don’t buy for the label and I don’t think cost makes the item, but in this case, if you’re into this type of look, you have to go fancy or nothing.