So I guess these are the yachts of the boat shoe world. Good find. To keep everyone on the same page, I invented the boat shoe look back in the early part of the new millennium. The trend has made the rounds and now I see it everywhere. Anyone after 2009 getting boat shoes for the first time is a biter. I hate when I see them worn with socks, it turns them into church shoes. If you’re really nervous about stinky sweaty feet ruining your shoes, then you’re not really the boat shoe type anyway. I like these, because they brighten up the cold cruel world we live in. They represent hope. On the real, what type of person has enough sand to really rock these in public. Talk about being an attention whore. Tone it down baby, just do what other people do and make a depressing facebook status, that will draw them in. We are friending these, but ignoring them on our feed. Flashion.