This looks really familiar. I don’t know for certain if it’s been on here,because sometimes I dream things and have trouble figuring out if it actually happened. In any case, I think you already know what’s going to be said. If you’re going to slut it up, at least cheer for a good team. This is the type of girl who would let you get to third base on a bunt. Oh? You’re offended? Then maybe you understand a little more clearly the way you are presenting yourself to the public. No one cares about your wants, your needs, your desires if you’re out in this type of outfit, all they are thinking about is if you’ll let them go in the back door. Want to be taken seriously? Then take yourself seriously. Dress for the job you want,not the job you have…stripper. Now don’t go saying that the shirt came like this,because we all know this is a custom job, even a slutty clothing designer knows to leave something to the imagination. Girl, I can smell the Trashion from here.