How come when girls go over a guy’s house to do adult things they always ask to borrow a t-shirt even though they are going to end up naked? Batman is pissed he lent her this shirt. The bat mobile in the garage was kinda revealing,but she was a little tipsy so she didn’t really think too much of it. Why are people so into Batman, I kinda feel like I should be capitalizing his name, but at the same time each time I have felt like a moron. Any who, he is just a rich boy , who trains a lot. No real powers and his personality sucks. Every time I see him on a date, he leaves early and he ends up getting the girl caught in a situation with an evil villain. Batman is so horny, that he can’t sacrifice his boner, for the safety and well-being of Gotham City’s women. A real hero would handle his business himself so no one would be taken hostage by a bad guy in makeup. What a jerk. Honestly though, if you were willing to risk your life to help others wouldn’t you kinda figure you were taking a vow of abstinence? We all know about public figures who are big into civic engagement who take vows of abstinence, what you think Robin was there cause he tells good jokes? Another thing, whenever Batman meets a girl, he always battles with revealing his identity to the girl, do you think a girl really wants that burden or even considers blabbing that secret? She isn’t going to go around telling anyone ,because it puts a huge target on her back. Hey joker you want Batman, I hear so and so is his girlfriend, that will get his attention, they just got a dog together so you know he wont want to raise that thing alone, yea, he’ll come. The whole mythology around Batman is flawed. That’s not why we are here though. This girl is trying to appeal to the nerd market, but everyone knows nerds like Marvel heroes. It’s simple, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain… or trashion. Trashion.