What in tar-nation?. Even if he was unaware of the bubonic plague all over his body, someone still could’ve snapped the photograph and deleted it upon noticing the rash. I wanted to edit out his Star of David ,because he is representing his religion poorly. I have seen non hairy jews, yeah it’s like finding big-foot, but they are out there. I don’t care how much you love the person, it’s your duty to tell them that they need to put a shirt on, because they might be contagious. It’s just bad for business to be seen like this, it’s one thing to be hairy, another to be pale, but to be both and suffering from skin grossness, too much for me buddy. My advice, put a shirt on, go to the dermatologist, hell you’re probably related to one, and get it all taken care of. We will be happy to revaluate you when things are cleared up. Until then, uncategorized.