(Editor note: She is back. Miss Haden, the english bombshell herself. Again we are lucky enough to get a great entry from her, as she delivers another fun take on a subject that only she could bring to life in such a lovely way. Pay attention to the end where she so nonchalantly explains her participation in a fashion show. Well played. Well played. The picture up top is Kate Middleton being Kate Middleton, I am sorry I mean the Duchess being the Duchess. As always you can read more from our super model contributer here. )


Ah it’s nearly time for my favourite part of the year in England: Fashion week A/W!

Fashion parties, local gossip of who’s got what and the best parts…. Canapés (terribly English) and Champagne! Fashion week: a time to see what knew must haves you must have, so that you can bin last years must haves very quickly! And this year, that last statement couldn’t be truer!

I’m sickened to see that yet again we have gone back in time; this blast from the past being the 70’s. Now this is not a 70’s bash, I do love a bit of vintage: the high waistedtrousers are a good look!  But correct me if I’m wrong… are we not in 2011? So by fashion standards we are therefore in 2012 so someone tell me why we seem to be going back in time? Is it just me?

I’ll get me coat now shall I….?

So that dreaded time of year (season change) I suppose I have to buy something! Walking into the clothing store with my fashion bored mum, I happened to comment on a coat. “Nice coat, looks a bit like the one I had 2 seasons ago” I say eyeing it up suspiciously. My mum who is looking even more bored now replies “Sweetie, I had that coat over 10 years ago wait until you get to my age. You will be kicking yourself out for throwing that £50 now £150 coat out!”

And that conversation right there confirmed just how boring fashion is! You know, we have these overpaid buyers who go around predicting what’s going to be in for the next fewseasons. And there’s me thinking that it was a creative industry!  Instead it’s just recycled fashion…

Has anyone notice how we have trends dating back from the Victorian ages but we don’t seem to have present day fashion? Mind you coming to think of it, isn’t our music a little bit like that with the added exception of drum and base (praise the lord)

There is still hope….

So no more worrying about what I am going to wear whilst drinking champagne and mixing with the gossips chances are; I will be wearing recycled fashion from the past 100 years and at some point in time I was considered fashionable…

Recycled fashion Flashion or Trashion?


I was just about to send this article over when I got a call from one of the people in the know about fashion week. I should mention I’m one of the ‘padded coat hangers’ that is walking the runway for my home town Liverpool’s Fashion Week where we promote real woman. I was told that my key looks were going to be 70’s inspired….  Karma – would you like that with a slice of lemon?