Sometimes our readers send in awesome captions. Jared sent this picture and said “Jose and Silent Roberto”. I agree , these guys are out of a time warp like Jay and Silent Bob. Caught in the early 90’s, but not in the Flashion sense of retro basketball hats or fluorescent colors. These guys are just hoarders who did not throw away the clothes they wore to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. All you have to do is look behind them to know what is really going on. Also, this picture was taken at 10 in the morning. Keep all those factors in mind and answer this question, would you be shopping for clothes if you needed a drink before the ‘Today show’ was even over ? It’s safe to say these guys have bigger fish to fry then making a statement or being fabulous. I don’t like what they are all about. In fact I’d like to think of a distinction lower then Trashion, these guys can be filed under puke. Thanks for the picture. Have you ever seen two guys walking, one wearing a bandana and them not holding hands or being tongue deep down each other’s throats? First time for everything.