I think this backpack is kinda cool, for backpacks at least. The whole idea of having so much school work that you need a backpack is a buzz kill. Is it safe to say April O’Neal and Rafael had a relationship? My theory has always been that Rafael was on steroids (crazy amounts of pimples) so he would get really aggressive, and April liked guys she thought she could change. Classic daddy issues. Leonardo struck me as the type of person who wouldn’t go outside his species,because of morals. Donatello is still a virgin. Michelangelo sits next to Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen at sex addicts anonymous. Splinter sucks. Rafael was really the only option for April, every date consisted of pizza and stopping a bank robbery. An often over-looked aspect of the franchise is they key word “Teenage”, that’s where the story-line lost me, it was not indicative of how teenagers really act. A real teenage mutant, would be spending hours in the bathroom doing lord knows what, there would be a tissue shortage and never any moisturizer. It’s nice to see these guys make a comeback. I don’t know if it’s really a fashion statement, as much as it is a demand for attention. I’ll say Flashion,because it’s better then a power rangers briefcase.