It’s a long weekend for a lot of people, three days off, so it’s only fitting that we have three photographs of one person. This girl sent in three different looks and made sure we were aware of how Flashion she feels she is. The effort is appreciated, and the interaction is always what we look for, but heres the rub. You’re just not making anyone’s pants move. If you’re not making volcanoes erupt, then you’re working or in school. No one should wear any of this to either place,after-all you want people to like you, so what’s really going on. Is she just this clueless? Going 0 for 3 is embarrassing. At least get an intentional walk and get to first base. She wasn’t even thrown out, this is a strikeout for real. When you’re slumping like this, you need to change your approach. The whole slut thing isn’t really working, try something new ,maybe you’ll find a rhythm. Sometimes playing it safe is the right play, throw on a shirt and some jeans, at least you’re putting the ball in play. Trashion. Gross. If it turns out they are triplets and it’s not one girl three times, then we are blaming genetics or poor parenting. I guess we can still blame those factors even if it is one person.