Remember how cool Charlie Sheen was for a couple months? If you have  to remember something then it isn’t happening right now. The Flashion is all about things happening right now. This girl needs to get over it. This is the equivalent of someone finding one of those 7 Up yours shirts or a Budweiser frogs t-shirt. Too many t-shirts are printed, that’s really what should be blamed. People say one clever thing in their life and it becomes a t-shirt. Someone buys it just to be first , and then before you even have time to switch it from the washing machine to the dryer, someone else has said something clever that is being printed onto a t-shirt. There is actually a rule of t-shirts, and I am talking the type of t-shirt you wear just hanging out. All lazy day t-shirts should be ones that were not bought. For instance, t-shirts given away at sporting events, or recreational basketball league t-shirts.If you’re really trying to buy lounging t-shirts, then you’re trying to buy a life, because you haven’t lived if you haven’t been in a situation where someone has handed you a t-shirt for participating in something. Trading and stealing are big parts of the t-shirt counter culture too. No,not stealing from a store, but from a one night stand or a roommate. It’s impossible to be Flashion when you’re paying for yesterday’s catch phrase today. Trashion.