The summer is almost over. Are we done with these plastic glasses yet? They are like party favors from Bar Mitzvahs. Do they even have a UV protective coating? I wish people would take safety precautions. Now this girl is flashing a peace sign Alanis Morissette style, so she means us no harm. Her shirt is also showing the universal sign for peace. The glasses are so hostile though. Mixed signals all over the place. I will say, that girls pull the glasses off a lot better then guys. When you see males in this early 90’s rewind eye wear, you feel like they are trying too hard. They pop on these glasses and a 90’s basketball hat , maybe a lacrosse shirt, and they are a lip of chewing tobacco away from being people who will be going to high school parties until they are old enough to collect AARP. I never get sent pictures of guys wearing glasses like this and being around girls, I am not going to say one has something to do with the other, although it sure does seem that way. New rule,  I am not putting glasses over my eyes unless they are scientifically proven to protect my cataracts or can provide an adequate eye shield while using a table saw. I am old fashioned though. Better yet, Old Flashion. This girl is against war and fighting, let me tell you about girls like that, they always bring the most drama. Anytime you meet a girl who hates the drama or says she gets along better with guys, she is going to be trouble. She is the problem. I think this girl looks good, even though she probably throws a ton of drinks at people. Trashion.  Let’s get over these before people start wearing village people hats.