Count of hands, how many people thought this was the joker from Bat-man on a t-shirt? Yeah, us too. Upon further inspection, it is some nasty ass sweat stains. Now, if this was a super villain, shirt, well done, real cool. Unfortunately ,it’s just perspiration. Not even sexy green sweat, like a gatorade commercial, this is the genuine article. Nothing attractive about it. Girl’s aren’t supposed to sweat and clearly there is a reason why. Her lower back is just oozing, usually humans are 75% water, she can not be over 32% looking like this. What’s with those two sweat pods a little higher on her back? So a bigger point has presented itself, if you’re going to run around and get all slippery, don’t wear colors that exposes it. Grey is not conducive to exercising, now take that information and make the appropriate accommodations. Another thing, if you’re a nasty back sweater, wear tight pants, it will take the attention away. Do you think the joker would be in my mind right now if I saw some bottom half heat? The best way to eliminate your flaw is through distraction,  for instance, have an ugly zit? Keep an ice-cube in your hand all day so your nipples will be pointy. Bad hair day? Lose the underwear. The fashion decoy is rarely utilized,but always effective. Next time your working out and your body decides it’s bath time, ditch the bra, no one will see you sweat. Flashion because of the importance of exercising and how cool the shirt looks.