Asking kids if they would like some candy must not work anymore. Now creepy old guys are dressing like hooligans to seem less threatening. Normally, I would say this guy is just having a little fun, trying to maintain his youth, and maybe a fan of pop music, but the ocean behind him leads one to believe he dresses like this for attention. You want attention, well here it is, guy , you look absurd. That t-shirt isn’t even an officially licensed product, you had it made at a flea market. Cool glasses, not. We get sent tons of pictures of girls wearing that hat too. Jokes on you pal. Now go get back to your van and start your Sunday scout session of the playgrounds. This guy is on here more as a warning of what’s going on in the world and less of a fashion expose’. Someone sent this in to show how silly he looks, I am surprised the photographer was able to get out of the handcuffs and pick the basement lock. The human spirit is always fascinating. Trashion.