Still we are getting endless amounts of traffic due to people googling cowboy boots. A question that keeps being asked in search engines is “what makes cowboy boots slutty?” Let’s dissect exactly what it is about boots that keeps people wanting to wear them ,while at the same time makes people hesitant to take the risk. It isn’t the boots that gives off an impression of easily spread legs, it’s the shorts that often accompany them. If the pockets are showing and your backside could be used as a diagram to depict where the butt becomes the leg, then your shorts are too short. Honestly though, you know that the short shorts and cowgirl boots are very slutty looking because you would never wear them to school or in front of your parents. They only come out at concerts or Halloween. I am not accepting your cognitive dissonance, if you really wanted to dress like this, it’s simple, you would. Jessica Simpson completely dominated boots and short shorts and now is a monster, so it just goes to show you that you need to take advantage while you can. If you are looking for the green light to be a rodeo-hoe , here it is. Wear the boots, wear the shorts, get crazy. It’s your life. Don’t expect to be taken out to dinner on dates, you’re going to be taken directly to make-out point. Try wearing pants if you like the shoes,but want to be a lady. Despite popular belief, there is no law that makes you have to wear a denim square of fabric and cowgirl boots. I get it that you’re on the hunt for a southern gentlemen,face the facts, you’re not in the south and the guys at these concerts are drunk meat heads. They are using the same old date rape and the same old duct tape, try to stay off their radar. The boots look good, it’s a hot look, not for everyday and not something that I wouldn’t wear while walking alone at night. Flashion.

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