Let me start this off by saying, I never really want to feature kids. It’s important to keep young people safe and off of the internet, so please do not do anything gross while reading this. Let’s break it down, plaid shorts, not feeling it. A shirt that says “Only My Aunt Understands Me”, again huge miss.  Now, the icing on the cake, socks with sandals. The only people who can get away with socks and sandals are college athletes who walk around campus like demi-gods. Unless the kid is the new point guard, I can’t commend his foot wear choice. It’s not his fault though, it’s whoever is dressing him who made all the mistakes. This poor kid wants to be Flashion, I can sense it. Some horrible person wants him to be Trashion. No one shares their cookie during snack time with the kid dressed poorly. When I was young, I wasn’t allowed to wear sweat pants to school ,because my mother understood how quick people are to judge you, even if they can’t read yet and barely speak for that matter. Making him wear that shirt like a sucker, it’s not even accurate, everyone knows volunteered information isn’t true, his aunt is probably a scary beast. How old are kids when they no longer have cankles? Yikes. The day this little guy learns how to read is the day that t-shirt gets used as a smock in art class. When are you old enough to pick out your own clothes? Some people never are old enough and shouldn’t pick out clothes for others either. He is Flashion. Whoever dressed him is a Trashion ass.

P.S. I feel weird putting this picture so close to the old creepy guy below.