New company policy based on feedback we are receiving. Wednesday will be limited to one post,but it will be a good one. So today we want to explore this hillbilly,country bumpkin, redneck , Appalachian population , kissing cousin fashion trend that has swept the nation. The music is really the catalyst that turned the country lifestyle from town idiot to desirable. Music is what causes a lot of trends, backwards hat, baggy jeans, cone bras and meat dresses are all brought to us by musicians. Country musicians are not even trying to make a fashion statement, they just wake up. Even the American Idol final two contestants were both aligned with country music, it’s time to stop resisting and put on your cowboy hat. Okay so we have two pictures. The first is of two lovely young ladies who are embracing the country world without going too far off the plantation. Tanks with a hunting theme,but pretty simple stuff that might go unnoticed out there in the cold cruel world. The next photograph is of an amateur race-car driver and his buddy. The race-car driver picture shows how people don’t like to think and rather be sheep then wolves. No one would dress like this unless they saw it on television. I saw this show on television called The Bachelor, I think I am going to go call up 16 potential spouses and eliminate them a day at a time. It’s on T.V. so it has to be a good idea. Only a couple people can get away with overalls and two of them are brothers who jump on mushrooms to grow bigger. Let these girls be leaders, they understand you can live in 2011 and be country. Race-car driving falls into that lacrosse category, where the competitors only care about the gear and looking the part. Trashion for sure.


P.S. judging by the watch and jewelry on the girls, they are more comfortable at a country club then country fest.

P.P.S. race car man has a small trophy, who poses for pictures with a baby trophy.