The second most searched for item on TheFlashion is cowgirl boots. Obviously we have been there and done that, Now we get sent pictures of girls showing off how they took the knowledge and perfected it. Well done ladies. Unfortunately, no one is looking at your boots. Our name had to be printed on this picture ,because it’s about 15 seconds away from being the first still picture to go viral. No one even notices the fanny pack or the greek headbands, or even the fact one girl is wearing a standard issue bra, and no one is complaining. It’s great to mix the goddess headband and the tourist fanny packs with your cowgirl boots, there are no set rules. If you look like this, generally rules don’t apply to you anyway. Just try to say that cowgirl boots aren’t awesome and you’ll get a spur to the jugular. As a shoe, they represent a good time and toughness, that’s a great combination, beats certain high heels that represent bitch and dumb. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t advise you  that the success of this look featured will vary and may be different at your home, but cowgirl boots are hot. Fanny packs like this are filled with guy’s phone numbers, not a pack of tums and a map of Disney World, keep that in mind. If you’re wondering if cowboy boots or cowgirl boots are cool to wear, you’re looking at the answer. You’re welcome in advance. Flashion. In Toy Story, the cowboy’s name is Woody for a reason.