All summer we have received hundreds of pictures featuring zippers. It’s impossible to deny any longer. zippers are where it’s at. Our initial concerns were over the accessibility of zippers and it only leading to over zealous hands, I guess one can infer that over zealous hands are really in right now too. Sounds like guys are being given the green light. Goosings, honkings, in public mammograms, and wet willies are all fair game it seems. 2011 is the year of the I’m sorry I’m not sorry grab. Seriously though, who is the zip benefiting ? Is it easier to use the bathroom or something? I mean zippers have been on pants even since I can remember. Zippers are so uncomfortable though, they are little teeth of metal, why would anyone want them all the way up and down their body unless they knew they wouldn’t be wearing it for long? Zippers are going to defy logic and be the fashion staple for a little while longer, that’s fine, easy access for us. Remember if someone asks what’s up? Make sure you can reply, my zipper. Flashion.

I know some jerkoff is going to be like, yea zippers have been on the back of dresses forever, and all I can say to that is, well Law and Order:SVU has found material for 10 seasons of episodes, see a correlation. Zippers used to be subtle and hidden, now they are in your face. Good luck.