This might be the sexiest one piece bathing suit in the world. One piece bathing suits get a bad wrap. You’re considered a grandmother if you wear one,but then you’re teased if you don’t look awesome in a bikini. People who swim in t-shirts or those wet suit shirts are way bigger losers then a one piece wearing lady could ever be. Yeah, I get that protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is important,but go in the shade or something, if it’s so dangerous that you have to wear a shirt in a pool then maybe no one should be outside in the first place. Everyone looks good with a little color anyway. Imagine the tan lines you would get in this swim suit. You would really have to get 4-5 versions of this so you wouldn’t have to worry about your back being 14 shades darker then your front. The gold ring that holds it all together would get so hot in the sun that it would probably leave a mark. When you sit down in this type of bathing suit, does the middle stay snug on your belly or does it fold out? Something to consider right there. The way we see it, dress every day like aliens are going to visit and you’re representing Earth, those little green guys would be impressed by our people if they saw this girl. Flashion. One piece bathing suits are back bigger then The Flashion, get them before the sun goes away.

Note: There are people claiming they saw this picture on another site, I don’t know if it’s true or if the same girl submitted this picture all over the place or what, if anyone wants it taken down, contact, if not , keep oogling.