What a sight to come back to. What a site to come back to. Bret Michaels must not have given her a backstage pass, lucky for us , that takes her right to TheFlashion.com. I have never tried to turn that stupid cat’s cradle string game into clothes, but if I did, this is how it would look. So this whole barely there clothing has really run it’s course and probably wont return for a while, unfortunately ,it will return. I promise you that this girl likes guys who wear MMA shirts. The two just seem to go hand in hand. Nothing Flashion about this. Although, she could actually be really ahead of everyone and got a jump on when this trend re-emerges. Some people have good foresight, while others have foreskin, I am just trying to forewarn you that this get-up needs to get-out of your closet for the time being. Trashion.