Show off. Before we get into the specifics, allow me to point out a very key factor. She isn’t at a swimming pool or the beach or even a bath tub. This is a cut and dry, come see how good I look, mirror modeling shot. She never had any intention of letting this hit water, not even the washing machine. She looks good, no denying that, I mean, how many times did you look at the picture before reading this, exactly. The bottom piece might be an elastic band, I should really be asking for a credit card number to let you see this. I think this is going to be really popular next summer. It’s going to take some time to marinate on people and for a designer to make the bottom more conducive to humans. Right now, it is the best looking bathing suit that will never be worn in public or is it pubic. If you want to change your diet to consisting of solely ice cubes, that’s on you, but if you’re going to work it that hard, you should at least show it off. Spoiler alert, if you only get this undressed in front of eyes when you’re in a serious relationship and the  guy is then lucky enough to  have you this naked , he no longer cares about your body, it’s go time. So you need to realize doing crunches for your boyfriend is pointless, he is already invested. Spread the love. Flashion. Next year, real Flashion.