I hope you have noticed by now that we are back. We took time during the break to reevaluate things and determine what is best for everyone as we take the next step. Some team members have been conducting interviews for people to join the staff. For whatever reason, the candidates have had the audacity to show up dressed like it’s 2010. Not only that, but out of thousands of applicants, only a handful actually read the site carefully enough to get a private email and reach the head office directly. As of right now, no one has joined the team. In our applied sciences department, the statistics have been analyzed thoroughly and we have come to some conclusions. Writing about big breasted actresses in movies is a gold mine. Also, no one likes reading on Mondays or about ugly people. We are going to do our best to cater to you, without forgetting who we are. The material has clearly been lacking, so there might be a quality over quantity scenario playing itself out,but as always, it’s really dependent on what you send in. Email everything to Chief@Theflashion.com Twitter us @TheFlashion or send us a message at the top.  Thanks for sending in this picture of a guy sporting Brazil super tight swim trunks in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. Forgetting where you are, Flashion.