Are those dresses reflectors? Because I can see myself in them. Boom. Nailed it. See the difference that an  attractive body makes, it is a true game changer. These girls are sticking with silver and bronze which is usually for 2nd and 3rd place respectively, but because of how well they take care of themselves, they look better then the gold chick from earlier. I forget what I learned in chemistry, there is definitely a name for all metals in one column of the periodic chart, they look smart,so it’s safe to say that they are aware of it and used it as a guide for getting dressed. It’s not unreasonable to question if this is a new girl singing group or super hero girls, they are stealing the show on The Flashion. Like we said earlier, metallics are almost over , so it’s time to move onto something else. Then again, if you’re going to look this good why change? How do girls like this even find each other? In this group you can be a pretty girl and not be the best looking, wouldn’t you want to find a group of beasts where you’re the guaranteed centerpiece? The girl in the onyx giving the ass shot is exposing a lot of back, she has been focusing on lat pull downs. I think these girls look great and like the olympics, you’ll have to earn these medals, typically we can smell slut through the screen,  I think we might have found real ladies. Flashion.