Enough with the obsession over being a country bumpkin/cowgirl. It’s a fine lifestyle if you’re really living it. You can paint stripes on a horse all day and it wont make it a zebra ,just like you can dress up like you live on a farm all day and it wont make your mansion a red barn. You know how I know these girls bought these hats to be cool, because real hillbillies couldn’t afford them. No farm guy is going to be extra interested in you because of your hat, he is already committed to his uncle’s first born daughter, nothing can break that bond. I’ve never been fishing, and don’t plan on starting just to impress somebody who is impressed by a good crop season. Want a better alternative? Almost anything. Be true to who you are, this phase only lasts as long as you fuel it. If you can really throw down that kind-of money for this hat, then nothing is out of your wheelhouse. How about a hat made of diamonds to impress all the refugees from war torn Africa? Get real here people, represent your baseball team or school. Do you need a hand? I think you dropped some names. That’s all wearing a hat with a company logo is doing, it’s visual name dropping. Don’t be that guy. Trashion.

P.S. Girls wear this crap to country music concerts of artists who wear bedazzled suits and cowboy hats, do you really think they are out there fishing? Maybe video game fishing from their cushy tour bus.