Today is going to be hat day. Let’s explore some hat choices as the summer sun sets in. Now we have our first hat here and it’s safe to say it’s unique. Why do we study history? That’s a question teachers have been presenting on the first day of school since the early 80’s. Spoiler Alert: There is no wrong answer. Ultimately, the answer that makes the most sense is to learn from our mistakes. So let’s start from the obvious, this is an Egyptian Pharaoh on a black baseball cap. Our research and development department says it’s the Sphynx. That made me question why those guys get paid, it’s really King Tutankhamun. Okay, so back on our path, why King Tut? What does he represent? Well, he was a young king, which is always something one might boast about in a rap music video. It’s imperative though that you do the research before you run around in a hat like this. A simple search can teach you that King Tut was doing it with his cousin and died at an incredibly early age. That’s someone you want to identify with? This picture must have been taken in Georgia. This right here can act as a page in a history book, learn from this mistake and make better decisions. Wear Abraham Lincoln on your hat, or god, you know, someone who made a difference in history. I like girls who can bring education to the clubs so she is Flashion for encouraging learning.