Women love breakfast because they already have the milk and eggs. Buying milk is always a good option too. This young lady is displaying one of those most commonly asked about fashion trends of 2011. Is it cool to wear leggings as pants? Now most women are modest and prefer an oversized shirt to hide their over sized butt, but there is in fact a population of people who don’t mind showcasing their show-stopper. The fascination with a big butt has always been a little over my head, can it really be that sexy to  have a gargantuan gluteus maximus? Some celebrities are known for their huge hinies/hinys to the point where rumors surface of ass augmentation. Da butt, as some so affectionately refer to it, is incredibly unpredictable. Somedays it is firm and powerful while others it is wiggly and jiggly to the point where it reads on a seismograph. I don’t think anyone should ever put themselves in a position where they are relying on their butt to make a statement. It’s too streaky of a body part, you need to emphasize something more consistent like calves or lips. Lunges,squats , and dropping it low, are all great exercises, if you’re considering leggings as pants. I will say this, the reason girls get so many dirty looks when they wear leggings out is because of jealousy. It takes a lot of confidence and a lot of ass to go for it. I do think you’re asking to be visually raped though if you’re exposing yourself like this. In our opinion at The Flashion, we think leggings are better suited for lounging around the house. This particular person looks good, she isn’t everyone. You don’t have to be throwing your bum all over the place, you can display the cheeks on your face just as easily. Flashion.

P.S. Milk does a body good.